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Sue Spence sue at
Wed Sep 23 14:11:01 BST 2009

2009/9/22 Peter Corlett <abuse at>

> I was in Amsterdam a couple of times last year and ate and drank around a
> bit. It was distinctly mediocre and quite expensive. The highlight was
> probably the Scotch place with over 1,000 whiskies, but at typically
> EUR10/20ml, was a rather inefficient way to get pissed.

A few years ago I used to report to a manager based in Amsterdam, where my
$work maintains a rather large data centre and quite a few staff.  As a
result I was fortunate enough to go there several times and spend a bit of
time.  The food on offer appeared to be of a reasonable standard.  I
particularly enjoyed some of the Indonesian food I had, but there was
nothing particularly bad about the rest.  On the whole I really like
Amsterdam & the Netherlands and it wouldn't take a lot to convince me to go
work there, if I were looking for another job.

 In any case, what's wrong with a culture that has a whole class of food
> that is specifically designed to enable one to consume more alcohol?

Alcohol that, I note, comes from other nations...
> I still reckon the People's Republic of Yorkshire produce the best beer.
> Shame it's mostly undrinkable by the time it's travelled to London.
Humbug.  Don't know why you don't get yourself a job up in Huddersfield,
though.   :-)

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