Anyone hiring at the moment?

Sue Spence sue at
Thu Sep 24 01:06:51 BST 2009

2009/9/23 Lesley <lesleyb at>

> who knows what motivates the young.  I have certainly forgotten :)
> Talking of which ... I am not hugely fond of whisky but did manage
> to sit up all night drinking a complete bottle of Isle of Jura talking
> with a very good (and now dear departed) friend.  No hangover afterwards
> either, so either the whisky was alright or it was the absinthe.  It's what
> the Christmas break is for after all.

Hear hear.

> And I have been to Amsters from time to time but never work related.
> Last time I went a travelling companion was most distressed at the
> price of baked beans.  Heinz baked beans cost a fortune over there.

That's so strange, isn't it?  You'd think they were imported or something.

> Come to think of it, that was another Christmas.
I hope the coming Christmas holiday is just as enjoyable as the ones you
mentioned above. :-)

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