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Sue Spence sue at
Thu Sep 24 07:05:56 BST 2009

2009/9/24 Peter Corlett <abuse at>

> On 24 Sep 2009, at 00:58, Sue Spence wrote:
> [...]
>> Does this mean that Huddersfield is in fact somewhere you'd like to
>> relocate
>> to?  I had only picked it because the name sounds like naughty cow parts.
> Come on, is that the best you could do when there is Penistone just down
> the road :)

Gosh no.  If I had wanted to move the conversation in that direction, I'd've
suggested Sc**thorpe.

> Huddersfield is a satellite town of the Leeds/Bradford conurbation. It's a
> fairly stereotypical grim Northern town. I'm sure it must have some appeal,
> but not to me. Not when there is Manchester or Leeds nearby.
 Awww,  Huddersfield has a lot of character for an old mill town, and a
surprising amount of charm IMO. It  also has a working Tardis, which the Dr
is kindly letting the police use(*).  J-L. Picard makes a point of visiting
regularly as well, though nobody has actually seen the Enterprise at the
same time (unless they were watching tv).  Real ale is plentiful. The train
station is an architectural gem (grade I listed) with a tasteful statue of
Harold Wilson in the plaza in front.  It's hardly Venice (or even Skipton)
but the canals and mill redevelopment set it off nicely in certain spots.  I
won't be moving there from North Yorkshire anytime soon but Leeds and
Manchester are definitely further down my own personal list of 'places I'd
consider living in'. :-)


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