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On 25 Sep 2009, at 03:45, lesleyb at wrote:

> On Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 12:54:17PM +0100, James Laver wrote:
>> On 24 Sep 2009, at 12:37, Ovid wrote:
>>> He has an accent so thick (I'm told it's even thicker than other
>>> scunts)
>> Contrary to popular belief, there is no scunthorpe accent. I'm  
>> *loving*
>> the word 'scunts' though. Head a few miles away to Goole and there  
>> are
>> accents galore. Goole is possibly the only small town to have it's  
>> own
>> set of regional accents. North Goole is nothing like East Goole.
>> Sad, but when I was somewhat younger, we used to look forward to  
>> going
>> to scunthorpe. It was actually considered a day out. Of course  
>> since I
>> came from somewhere that had nothing more exciting than 6 charity
>> shops...
> oh Sheffield lad, then ?

Oh god, don't. I shall be touring with a band in early November and
whilst the first two dates are civilised: London and Oxford, but from
then on we're in arse-ends like Sheffield, Nottingham, Stoke and
heaven forbid, Glasgow.

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