Anyone hiring at the moment?

Richard Foley Richard.Foley at
Fri Sep 25 09:02:00 BST 2009

Yours sounds like a success story (one more Perl person too :)  And I couldn't 
agree more with your sentiment, it's the right people you need, not the 
ability to quote from the man page.  After all that's why it's there: to 
RTFM ;-)

Richard Foley
Ciao - shorter than aufwiedersehen

On Friday 25 September 2009 09:32:18 Jacqui Caren wrote:
> Richard Foley wrote:
> > Some people seem to just like interviewing candidates.  Probably makes 
> > feel like they're doing something useful, perhaps, or something...
> Never understood this - interviewing is hard work - and you only seem to do 
> when you are already short handed! :-)
> Also the last time we had a hunt, we had a lot of very skilled people (whose
> egos would have never fitted in) but ended up with someone with no real perl
> skills but he picked perl up in no time and left a year or two ago and is
> now the perl expert in his new job!
> Jacqui

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