[ANNOUNCE] Reminder: london.pm social on Thu 1 Oct

David Cantrell david at cantrell.org.uk
Tue Sep 29 17:38:03 BST 2009

In accordance with Ancient Tradition and as laid down in the writings of
our forefathers, London.pm will be gathering on the first Thursday of
the month - namely Thu 1 Oct - for our monthly social, at the Bridge
House pub, which is at the southern end of Tower Bridge:

This is one of those rare months when the HERETICS, through their
fancy new-fangled calendar, disagree with the one True Faith on when to
meet.  The righteous will, of course, not be drawn into SCHISM, and will
attend this blessed social.

The righteous are also encouraged to attend the heretical social a week
later, so that you may while there attempt to return them to the True
Faith by sweet reason and the example of your virtuous lives.  The
Meeting of the Damned will be a week later, on Thu 8 Oct, at the
Gunmakers, Eyre St Hill:

David Cantrell | even more awesome than a panda-fur coat

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