Anyone drinking at the moment?

Steff Davies steff at
Tue Sep 29 18:24:09 BST 2009

Ovid wrote:
> Gotta disagree on this one. IPA in the states is *awful*. I actually
> like it over here. Plus, US beers (even the quality ones) are often very
> fizzy. A bit too much for my taste. I know the microbreweries in
> Portland are fantastic, but they generally don't ship over here.

I absolutely loved the (local) IPA in the Rose and Crown in Palo Alto, 
mainly because it was an actual IPA (pale and strong/hoppy enough to 
survive shipping to India or indeed Pluto) rather than the renamed 
lightish session beers one tends to get over here (Greene King and 
Caledonian, I'm looking at you).

Meantime do an IPA which is bloody spectacular, mind you, so it's not as 
if we can't get it right when we try.


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