Anyone drinking at the moment?

James Laver james.laver at
Tue Sep 29 23:06:37 BST 2009

On 29 Sep 2009, at 18:48, Billy Abbott wrote:
> I've had some gooduns, and not only the rather excellent cask  
> Dogfish Head 120 minute IPA that I had the GBBF a few years back.  
> They are normally a bit fizzy, but as long as it's nice and hoppy I  
> can forgive that. More decent US beer is making its way over to our  
> fair shores these days, although it generally seems to end up quite  
> pricey in Utobeer and the like.

I was sceptical about US beer until my former flatmate (who is  
american) brought me some Dogfish Head beer back after a trip home.  
It's got to be up there with the best that England has to offer.

> I quite like Sierra Nevada, and you can get that in Tescos these days.

ISTR it's quite reasonably priced in waitrose these days. In fact,  
waitrose is a fantastic place to buy beer generally as they've got a  
huge selection and there's always something cheap (and often the boxes  
of 4).

The real question, though, is how easy is it to find a pub that serves  
a decent well kept pint in the US? It's getting harder and harder here.


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