Beer was Re: Anyone drinking at the moment?

Billy Abbott billy at
Wed Sep 30 10:09:17 BST 2009

Steve Mynott wrote:

> BTW I read a report that beer in 2/3 pint measures was to be allowed
> in the UK.  It also claimed that currently 1/3 pint measures were
> available and legal in the UK.  I wondered if anyone had ever seen
> this?

I don't know about the 2/3rds (although it would follow naturally from
1/3rd pints) but I've seen 1/3rds in a couple of places - the Young's
brewery (before it moved) and the Great British Beer festival. I've got
some 1/3rd glasses now, thanks to the last few GBBFs, because I ran out
of space for pints.

I think they've been a legal measure for a while, but after 10 minutes 
of reading through I've lost the will to 
research any further for now...


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