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Billy Abbott billy at
Thu Oct 1 07:44:14 BST 2009

lists wrote:
> Dave Cross wrote:
>> Having spent 45 minutes failing to get through to Demon's tech 
>> support people last night I've finally come to the realisation that 
>> they aren't still the company that I signed up with fifteen years ago 
>> and that I should probably be looking elsewhere for my internet 
>> connection. I'll be calling them later this morning to get a MAC.
>> But I need somewhere else to go. I'm thinking probably Be, but I'm 
>> open to suggestions of other suppliers. Does anyone want to share 
>> horror stories or recommendations?
>> Cheers,
>> Dave...
> I was with Demon (good, then not so good), Zen (excellent, but a bit 
> pricey) and now Be* (good and super fast).

I'm still with Zen, because even though they're pricey they have been 
excellent on the small number of occasions that things went wrong. I've 
heard tales the Be are not always great when things are not working as 
they should, but that they are rather good when things are working 
(which seems to be most of the time).



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