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Dominic Thoreau dominic.thoreau at
Thu Oct 1 09:33:25 BST 2009

2009/10/1 Dave Cross <dave at>:
> But I need somewhere else to go. I'm thinking probably Be, but I'm open to
> suggestions of other suppliers. Does anyone want to share horror stories or
> recommendations?

I was with Force 9 (retail arm of PlusNet) for a while.

Their current website claims "8 out of 10 PlusNet customers would
recommend us to their friends". I'm obviously one of the 20% that
would say avoid them at all costs.

Little things, like when I was out of work, and sending out
applications all the time, they "accidentally" reformatted the live
email server's disk while in the process of commissioning a new one.
Something about typing the command into the wrong window. At one stage
our 2Mb ADSL dropped down to 164k before cutting out all together, and
going back to dialup was no fun.
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