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Thu Oct 1 13:48:43 BST 2009

Dave Cross <dave at> wrote:

> But I need somewhere else to go. I'm thinking probably Be, but I'm open 
> to suggestions of other suppliers. Does anyone want to share horror 
> stories or recommendations?

I'm surprised they haven't already been mentioned, but I recommend
Bytemark. I used to have their ADSL (before I travelled) and will
likely get it again soon when I have a place of my own. I've also
had a Linux (UML) virtual machine with them for a few years.

They might not be the cheapest, but in the past being able to phone
and talk to a clueful Linux-friendly person as opposed to a support
person following a script has been valuable.

If you sign up and mention my name (username afisher) I think I get a
referral discount from them.


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