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Nicholas Clark nick at
Fri Oct 2 10:26:06 BST 2009

On Thu, Oct 01, 2009 at 09:02:07PM +0100, James Laver wrote:
> I'm looking for a card processing service to take payments with.
> Essential features:
> 1. No javascript required to make a payment (that means you, NetBanx).

The new "Unified Payment Pages" now work just fine without JavaScript.
If we have documentation saying otherwise, could you point it out so that
I can ask for it to be corrected?

> 2. No insistence on 3dsecure (because really, it's horrifically  
> insecure).

And badly implemented by quite a few providers.
(There's XML, and a DTD. If the XML validates against the DTD, that means
that it's *VALID*, dammit, so don't reject it)

However, one can't take payments from Maestro unless one has 3D insecure.
(And it seems that even easyJet are no longer large enough to wiggle out
of that one)

> 3. I don't have to store any credit card details at all.
> 4. They deal with as many of the legal issues as possible so I don't  
> have to. Particularly PCI DSS.

Point 4 would imply point 3 is met.

You don't say, whether you have a merchant account with a bank, or whether
you want the payment service provider to deal with that part. 
Point 4 implies that you'd like them to deal with it, and "just make money
appear in my account". Doing this might restrict your options on 3D insecure/
Phished by Visa.

> 5. Established, tested cpan modules for dealing with them

I don't know about that for *any* providers.

> My initial inclinations were the big guns like Datacash and Paypoint,  
> but of some concern was datacash's website being hosted on IIS, and  
> the fact that neither of them have modules on cpan (and frankly, the  
> perl examples for datacash were more than a little embarrassing for  
> them).

Paypal probably meets most of your criteria too :-)

Nicholas Clark

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