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Jacqui Caren jacqui.caren at
Fri Oct 2 10:27:07 BST 2009

Gareth Harper wrote:
> It's cable of course, so it's not something you can migrate towards,
> but I have to admit Virgin Medias tech support has gotten a LOT better
> recently.

Hmm last time I called NThell they investigated and told me there was a problem with
"the lines" and assigned a call out. Afew days after the appointed day the engineer
turned up (he showed me the paperwork that gave him which day he was supposed to visit)
and explained what the problem really was (the modem was really, really old and dead)
and how support are always talking complete and utter shite to try and get people off
the line as quickly as possible.

He was also very pissed of when I showed him the email confirming my appointment some
three days before. He had had a lot of jobs where no one was in and was not a happy bunny.

About two or three years ago Virgin moved to a premium support service.
Shortly after this our NThell line started getting cut off about once per month. Spoke to a
number of people I know on the estate (different streets/cabs) and they all had the
same experience. Outages were always aroudn one hour long.

 From talking to someone techy who works for them, it appears that these outages
were planned. I can only assume they were trying to get people to phone the
1UKP/min support line as they desperately needed the dosh about then.

 From recent experience NThell support is just as bad as it always has been. They only
way to get support is to call the contracts desk and ask to have the line turned off.
They ask why and you explain it no longer works. They ask if you have called support
and I say "No, I just want is turned off as it is always failing". They have an
engineer out that day...


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