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Fri Oct 2 11:13:35 BST 2009

--- On Fri, 2/10/09, Nicholas Clark <nick at> wrote:

> From: Nicholas Clark <nick at>
> > 2. No insistence on 3dsecure (because really, it's
> horrifically  
> > insecure).
> And badly implemented by quite a few providers.
> (There's XML, and a DTD. If the XML validates against the
> DTD, that means
> that it's *VALID*, dammit, so don't reject it)
> However, one can't take payments from Maestro unless one
> has 3D insecure.
> (And it seems that even easyJet are no longer large enough
> to wiggle out
> of that one)

OK, I give.  That's two references to how insecure 3D secure is. Given that I know nothing about it other than the annoying fact that I've forgotten my password for it, could someone explain why its broken?

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