London Perl Workshop - Update One

Mark Keating m.keating at
Mon Oct 5 10:38:05 BST 2009

Greeting one and all.

In this Update you will find:
Call for Papers
Sign-up to the Conference
Conference Workshops
Details of Sponsors
T-Shirts :)

Call for Papers:
As always there have been a few early responders for the Call for Papers 
but so many others are doing the well-loved dallying, debating, 
cogitating and waiting. So I say, "nonsense to that you fine fellows or 
I shall abrade thee with a stout stick about the noggin", or in English: 
"post your proposals early, it won't make too much difference but I will 
feel so much more relieved :)."

Conference Sign-up:
Also please sign up to the conference as soon as you are able. This will 
give the organisers a better chance of gauging how many people are going 
to appear at the event.

Those of you who will also be attending the Beer/Social after the 
Workshop should add their "x" to the page on the Wiki: 

Conference Workshops:
As last year there will be two conference workshops at this event. 
Details of these have not been finally confirmed but a brief overview of 
what has been proposed is:

Workshop 1: Skills in the Workplace/Good Workplace Programming Practices 
(120 mins with a break [50mins-20mins-50mins])
A workshop to be run once again by the magnificent Dave Cross (Magnum 
Solutions) and focussing on the skills required to be a successful 
programmer in the work environment. There will also be a focus on good 
programming practices used in the modern workplace environment. This 
workshop is aimed principally at the students of the University of 
Westminster but anyone will be able to sign up for it.

Workshop 2: Enlightened Perl Projects (120 mins with a break 
A workshop run by Matt S. Trout (and possibly Ash Berlin tbc) and 
focussing on modern Perl projects that fall under the EPO banner. This 
will most likely feature projects that will be part of the Extended 
Core. This workshop is aimed principally at the students of the 
University of Westminster but anyone will be able to sign up for it.

Details of Sponsors:
Several Sponsors have come forward to once again enhance the experience 
had by all at the London Perl Workshop. If you see any of these people 
on the day then shake them warmly by the hand as they deserve our thanks.

As last year the good folks at Antibody will be putting money behind the 
bar at the Saturday night social to buy conference attendees a drink.

Magnum Solutions
Once again Dave Cross will be presenting a workshop, talking and 
generally being an all-around nice guy – meet him, thank him, try not to 
squeeze him (unless he specifically requests it).

Nestoria will be awarding prizes on the day, these will be for:

*Best overall talk
*Best topic
*Best lightning talk
*Best new CPAN module of the past year

Once again we will have the wonderful people from O'Reilly books at the 
conference with a range of products to tempt you. Unfortunately this 
year we will lose Josette to some other (less fun) conference in Lisbon 
(how can she choose Lisbon over London tsk tsk). But I am sure we will 
all make her replacement welcome. As always O'Reilly will be sponsoring 
the conference lanyards.

Shadowcat Systems
Shadowcat will be providing the services of both Mark and Leigh Keating 
(organisation and general adminioning) and Matt S. Trout as Workshop and 
a speaker. Shadowcat will also be placing a fund of money to the social 
after the conference.

University of Westminster
Like last year we are graciously being hosted by The Department of 
Electronic, Communication and Software Engineering at the University of 
Westminster. We cannot exaggerate how grateful we are for their support 
of the London Perl Workshop.

Venda will once again be magnanimously funding the first round of drinks 
at the social after the event.

With three companies putting their hands into their pockets I feel sure 
we will be able to fund one (or perhaps) more drinks for the conference 
attendees, but please ensure that you place your name on the wiki page 
so we have some idea of numbers.

The venue chosen this year will be the Gunmakers (details on the wiki).

The London Perl Workshop is a free event and as such we do not provide a 
conference t-shirt, or at least we haven't in the past. But a giant 
brainbox suggested that we should have a t-shirt (and possible other 
merchandise) and there would be an easy way to do it, one that people 
could opt into at their own free will. So wait and watch this space as 
soon we will be giving you the details of where you can purchase your 
own conference goodies. It will be fun. They will be cool. It is also 
smart and ethical as you can choose your size, style and whether you 
want the expenditure.

That is all for this update.

Your humble servant and organiser,


Mark Keating BA (Hons) | Writer, Photographer, Cat-Herder
Managing Director | Shadowcat Systems Limited
Director/Secretary | Enlightened Perl Organisation
co-Leader | North West England Perl Mongers | |

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