Sending $US to the US

Dominic Thoreau dominic.thoreau at
Tue Oct 6 14:55:26 BST 2009

2009/10/6 Ovid <publiustemp-londonpm at>:
> So, in order to get married, I need my birth certificate.  Texas requires, since I live outside the US, that I mail all of my paperwork to them, along with $27 US (not surprisingly, they don't accept pounds).  That's about £17. My bank charges £20 for the bank draft, plus the £17 face value.
> Anyone happen to know a less expensive way to send, via mail, US dollars to the US, short of sending cash?

It may seem like the obvious answer, but the easiest way seems to be
is to post all your paperwork to someone you know and trust, and get
them to post it onwards for them. Then you just have to get money (or
value) to them, and they're likely to be more flexible than the

Like, buy something they want that can only be bought from the UK and
have it shipped to them, or something from any US based retailer
online (and pay with credit card).

Just a thought

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