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Luis Motta Campos luismottacampos at
Wed Oct 7 10:03:24 BST 2009

Sue Spence wrote:
> For a one-off deal like this, it's better to work with a friend with the
> goods (US bank acount).  Failing that, it would realistically be easier to
> say "I am going to get married, and it is going to cost a rather silly
> amount of money to get TX to give me the paperwork I need."  Setting up a
> bank account is a lot of fuss for one transaction.
> I don't suppose the UK can accept your passport instead?  I have usually
> found that the two are interchangeable, but I didn't get married here. :-)

As a matter of fact, the Spanish passport and birth certificate are not
exchangeable: there is one bit of information in the birth certificate
that is never copied anywhere else, the civil register branch where
you're registered in Spain, which is the ultimate irreplaceable proof of
citizenship, for the Spanish government.

I believe all countries implement this more or less the same way, and
that's why birth certificates cannot be replaced by passports.

It would be great if we could replace birth certificates (and
corresponding registries) with passports: this would eliminate the
distinction between citizenship acquired by birth and citizenship
acquired by some law process. I personally consider that a great

And congratulations to Ovid for his marriage. :)

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