Sending $US to the US

Joel Bernstein joel at
Sun Oct 11 02:23:51 BST 2009

On 6 Oct 2009, at 14:45, Ovid wrote:

> So, in order to get married, I need my birth certificate.  Texas  
> requires, since I live outside the US, that I mail all of my  
> paperwork to them, along with $27 US (not surprisingly, they don't  
> accept pounds).  That's about £17. My bank charges £20 for the bank  
> draft, plus the £17 face value.

I don't mean to state the obvious, but a Google search for "texas  
birth certificate outside USA" shows a bunch of private companies[1] 
[2] who provide them for a fee as well as TexasOnline[3] who seem to  
offer the "official" service you refer to. Might one of them not be  
able to help you? I imagine they might have more sensible payment  



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