Credit Cards

Jasper jaspermccrea at
Tue Oct 13 16:44:40 BST 2009

2009/10/13 Abigail <abigail at>:
> Last year in California, many of the gas station asked for a zip code
> after scanning my credit card. Of course, being in the US, they only
> accepted five digit numerical codes - not the 4 digits 2 letters we have
> in .nl. So I used a (valid) NYC zip code. Some gas station accepted the
> transaction, some rejected it. But those that rejected the credit card,
> accepted my ATM card (no zip code required). I was positively surprised
> by the ability to use my ATM card for retail, because as soon as I step
> accross the border here in Europe, I can only use my ATM card at banks,
> not retailers.

My latest ATM/debit/whatever card is powered by VISA, so I'm expecting
to be able to use it worldwide for everyfink. As usual, I may be


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