Looking for a secondhand Datahand Pro II

Steff Davies steff at steff.name
Tue Oct 20 11:08:59 BST 2009

James Laver wrote:
> I'm a huge fan of Model M series, to the point I had a unicomp
> expensively shipped in from the US, and what a fantastic keyboard. It
> encourages you to type properly because it's actually a real keyboard
> (particular hate focused at apple here, the latest apple keyboards
> (one of which I'm using right now) are the ultimate triumph of form
> over function. It might make the marketroids happy, but it's going to
> cause RSI).

Couldn't agree more about the Model M (I have three original ones) or 
the awfulness of Apple's keyboards (from the company that brought you 
the urinal puck mouse, and it shows). The Ms are very noisy, however, 
which can be a problem in an office environment. Cherry do a keyboard 
intended for bulk data entry which manages to have a decent key action 
and long life while still using silent rubber domes. About £45 last time 
I looked, but very well worth it IMO.


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