Looking for a secondhand Datahand Pro II

Paul Makepeace paulm at paulm.com
Wed Oct 21 01:24:22 BST 2009

On Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 12:37 AM, gbjk <gbjk at thermeon.com> wrote:
> I've been looking for a datahand pro II.
> http://www.datahand.com/products/proii.htm

I don't have one of those but I do have a Kinesis Advantage,

There are a few nice features: keys are arranged in a grid rather than
a(n illogical*) offset arrangement on almost all keyboard layouts;
concave; backspace & enter keys and a few others operated by the
thumbs--big win. The last point is worth the price of admission alone
(a steep $299).

It's also marked up in Dvorak and QWERTY if you're learning either. If
you care, you can remap & program macros. Never personally found the
motivation myself.

I've seen a few people at $work[-1] try the Kinesis and give up after
a while: the punctuation and grid arrangement takes a bit of getting
used to. I would expect the Data Hand drop-out rate a lot higher

While we're at it, I'm a big fan of the evoluent Vertical Mouse,

Annoyingly they've produced a v3 that has a detented scroll wheel
which doesn't allow flicking for monster scrolls. Oh well.


* logic would dictate that the offset should be mirrored for at least one hand

PS for the real layout nerds, http://colemak.com/ is a better choice
than Dvorak if you're going to start from scratch

> Datahand haven't had any stock since January, and are still trying to
> source a manufacturer for a new batch.
> Does anyone on this list have one which they'd consider selling?
> gbjk

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