[ANNOUNCE] Workshop Update #2

Mark Keating m.keating at shadowcat.co.uk
Tue Oct 27 11:17:27 GMT 2009

Hi all.

In this update you will find:

1. A reminder of the submission dates
2. A call for assistance

1. Submission Dates
The date for submissions of Papers/Articles/Presentations/Rants for the 
London Perl Workshop is rapidly approaching. A talk/presentation may be 
5, 20 or 40 minutes in length and ideally should be on Begining Perl, 
but as always we accept articles on any aspect of Perl. This year we are 
also allowing people to submit suggestions for workshops if they wish. 
There will also be a panel (currently starring Ed Freyfogle, Dave Cross) 
seeking to answer questions on skills in the workplace and what 
employers want from a programmer. If you would like to sit on this panel 
please let Mark know as soon as possible. We hope to attract more 
students/new people to the workshop and this event will be aimed at 
them, but open to all.

The closing date for submissions is 5th November so get your submissions 

2 A call for assistance
As last year I am hoping to video as many of the 
talks/presentations/proceedings as possible. I will hopefully be able to 
capture all the information in the main room but am asking for 
assistance in videoing places I may miss. If you intend to bring a video 
camera/record events then please let me know as soon as you can so that 
between us we may be able to video as much of the Workshop as possible 
and then make it available on YAPC.tv.

As always offers of assistance for the day are also gratefully accepted.

Kind regards

Mark Keating

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