Efficient sorting of SNMP oids

Ask Bjørn Hansen ask at develooper.com
Sun Nov 1 06:40:56 GMT 2009

On Oct 31, 2009, at 15:17, Dave Hodgkinson wrote:

>> Using Sort::Key::OID or sort::maker would have been great, except  
>> that
>> we need to deploy the script to a rather large number of servers  
>> and it
>> is traditionally long and painful to get modules approved and  
>> deployed
>> in our machines.
> Then build it in to your own dist tree.

Yeah; that's what we do.   We have a git submodule (cpan/) with our  
application, so when we upgrade or install a module it gets branched/ 
merged/tracked/code-reviewed/managed just like any other application  
change we make.

We have a helper script[1] that starts the CPAN shell with  
INSTALL_BASE appropriately configured to make it easy.

  - ask

[1] http://git.develooper.com/?p=combust.git;a=blob;f=bin/cbcpan;h=b69b81829e43450344f9dc35349151cf2750e6b5;hb=HEAD

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