proxypass-like behaviour of CMS content block

Bob MacCallum uncoolbob at
Sat Nov 14 21:46:07 GMT 2009

Thanks Mike, that looks like exactly what we need.  I would never have
found that in a million years.

I'll have a play around with varnish, drupal and one of our tomcat
back-ends.   I think the page title could be tricky, but we could pull
the relevant info out of the request_uri in the CMS (we have to do
something like this already so no big deal).

Thanks again!

On Sat, Nov 14, 2009 at 11:19 AM, Mike Whitaker <mike at> wrote:
> On
>> Does anyone know of a way to get proxypass-like behaviour inside a
>> CMS, so that the content block (div, whatever) of every page below a
>> certain level, say
>>, would be generated by the back-end web application?
>> (So that the trailing path and any vars were passed through of course,
>> e.g.
> Sounds like you want vanish and ESI.

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