Recommended hotels or crash place for LPW 2009?

Peter Corlett abuse at
Thu Nov 19 11:42:43 GMT 2009

On 18 Nov 2009, at 01:14, Tatsuhiko Miyagawa wrote:
> I'm looking for a place to stay for the upcoming London Perl Workshop,
> can anyone recommend onlist or offlist a good hotel, or actually can
> let me stay for 3 nights Dec 4-6 (or just partial of them would be
> helpful too).

I have a spare room in Shepherd's Bush, about 15 minutes from central  
London. Currently it's packed solid as a warehouse for obsolete  
computers and antique media but I've been meaning to clear that out  
for a while now.

> It'd be nice if the hotel has a good access to the venue, has a free
> (or decent priced) WiFi and costs around 100 GBP/night. Small rooms
> are fine. If you can let me stay, the only thing I can't stay with is
> cats because i'm allergic.

The rack rate for my spare room is a decent bottle of something  
interesting. The only cats are stuffed toys, and the Internet actually  
works, unlike most hotel offerings.

As to Internet access, visitors to LPW might also consider dropping  
£30 on a 3 dongle which will give you 1GB of mobile Internet access  
for 30 days. It's not great[0] but it's cheap and better than no  

[0] As far as I can tell, it's pretty good when you're actually on 3's  
3G network, but if the signal fades and you roam onto Orange's  
pisspoor GPRS offering, you're stuffed.

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