Help me become a Londoner!

Chris Jack chris_jack at
Thu Nov 19 15:22:22 GMT 2009

> From: Gianni Ceccarelli dakkar at wrote:
> Also, my "30 minutes" commute seems a bit optimistic: I'll probably
> have to raise my expected commute time?

When you're doing your maths on all this: remember to factor in the price of the train fare (plus how much you value your time/mind being in a crowded train). Train fares can be non-trivial around London. I commute from St Albans to London (about 30 minutes on the train) and it costs me around 3200 GBP per annum which works out about 270 GBP a month. Do your own train fare research - I'm just saying don't get stuck on specific expenses without considering the overall expenses picture.


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