[OT] Re: Help me become a Londoner!

David Sheryn dhs at chromiq.org
Tue Nov 24 22:03:39 GMT 2009

Roger Burton West wrote:

> On Tue, Nov 24, 2009 at 02:54:22PM +0000, Mike Woods wrote:
>> Mind you outside of greater london it's often purley down to the cost,  
>> last time I took a bus from wakefield to leeds it cost ?2.50!!*
> Much the same here in Darkest Wycombe. 

High or West ?

> Basically if there are two or
> more people going between my place and the station it's cheaper to share
> a cab (which run after 10pm at weekends, too).

Quite.  For either, probably...  (it could be worse -- I have to get to 
Risboro' :-(  )

>> * However if you look to your right for most of the trip, you'll  
>> eventually see the chap with a tank in his front garden, which is  
>> frankly awesome :D
> All we have is a 2" deck gun in the yard of a hire shop.

Where about's that ??



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