Perl Christmas Quiz 2009

Simon Wistow simon at
Mon Nov 30 20:00:12 GMT 2009

On Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 07:38:31PM +0000, Dave Cross said:
> According to the Beanie Baby people, he's called Niles. According to us 
> (and the 2001 leadership election ballot papers) she's called Amelia.


Actually - there are two stuffed camels. Amelia "belonged" to Leon (as 
much as you own a camel for they are like Patek Phillipe watches, you 
merely look after it until the next generation. Or until you stuff it 
with a sheep stuffed with chickens stuff with fish stuffed with eggs) 
and ran for election.

Niles was passed down amongst leaders - I know that Mark passed it to me 
and I passed it to Greg. Unless Greg behaved in an untoward manner 
towards the poor beast (and lets face it he has, as they say in the 
world of Policing, previous form) he should have passed him to Leon. 

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