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Tue Dec 8 09:22:08 GMT 2009

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From: Gabor Szabo <szabgab at gmail.com>

There is a new mailing list on the block  called events at lists.perlfoundation.org

The objective of this list is to make sure Perl and projects written 
in Perl are well represented on events such as FOSDEM in Belgium
( http://www.fosdem.org/ ),  various Linux events around the
world and other technology related events.

I hope many people around the world will be interested in participating
in organizing this.

to subscribe please send a message to

events-subscribe at lists.perlfoundation.org

Public archives will show up soon.

While the list is hosted on the perlfoundation.org mail server it is not
a TPF-only activity. I hope they will cover some of our expenses but
the list is open to everyone who is interested in the promotion of Perl
and the Perl related projects.

Let me know how subscription goes for you.

  ps. please forward to your local PM group if you think there are
  people who would be active in such a group.

Gabor Szabo                     http://szabgab.com/

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