London Perlm[ou]ngers January 2010 social - The Gunmakers, Clerkenwell EC1R 5ET

Bob MacCallum uncoolbob at
Fri Jan 8 11:33:34 GMT 2010

The back room was a bit chilly, but the steak sandwich was excellent.  I
hope you guys were able to move into the main bit later on (I left at around
9 to catch a train that had ceased to exist).

By the way, the DarwinTunes project (that I mentioned on this list in
November) worked out really well.  We got slashdotted and also plenty of
traffic via  Over 6000 people donated some of their time.
I'm just about to post an update to mark 475 generations.  Check out the
sounds (you don't have to do ratings if you're busy):


On Fri, Jan 8, 2010 at 3:43 AM, Léon Brocard <acme at> wrote:

> 2010/1/7 James Laver <james.laver at>:
> > It looks awfully like Léon is on holiday, judging by his twitter
> > stream, but in the spirit of comradery and getting everyone pissed,
> > we'll take any free drinks out of the kitty.
> Sorry, this is the first social I've missed as leader. I've managed to
> book every other trip around the busy schedule. How did it
> go? Was the beer foamy?
> Leon

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