London Perlm[ou]ngers January 2010 social - The Gunmakers, Clerkenwell EC1R 5ET

Joel Bernstein joel at
Tue Jan 12 11:23:26 GMT 2010

2010/1/11 Steven Goodwin <stevengoodwin at>:
>> He also had a print-on-demand beer-related book which looked worth
>> reading, but I've been unable to locate where that's available from.
>> Stephen?
> It will be available on Lulu & Blurb... but as there's still two
> real-world publishers with potential interest, I'm holding off for
> now.
> Watch this space, is all I can say ATM.

Having bought Leon's Tick My Boxes book from Lulu, I wouldn't
recommend publishing with them. The binding comes apart and they seem
to be reluctant to stop spamming their customers. Including sending
mail with no "unsubscribe" link and advising "just delete them if you
don't want to read them" when asked to stop. I don't know what the
other options are like but Lulu is pretty insulting from a customer


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