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Luis Motta Campos luismottacampos at
Wed Jan 13 13:14:43 GMT 2010

Dermot wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a lots of PDFs that I need to catalogue and I want to ensure 
> the uniqueness of each PDF.  At LWP, Jonathan Rockway mentioned 
> something similar with SHA1 and binary files.  Am I right in thinking
>  that the code below is only taking the SHA on the name of the file
> and if I want to ensure uniqueness of the content I need to do
> something similar but as a file blob?
> [code was here]

Yes, your code processes file names, not file contents.

> PS: I don't see many perl questions here, am I breaking a convention?

I believe the official answer to this question would be "The London Perl
Mongers list considers on-topic messages that talk about Ponies, Buffy,
Beer, and Pie. Everything else should be tagged as 'off-toppic'".

As I'm really bad at remembering things and also a non-native speaker,
YMMV, wording- and semantic-wise.

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