Pig and pub! (Emergency social called for)

Edmund von der Burg evdb at ecclestoad.co.uk
Thu Jan 14 17:48:22 GMT 2010

There are four lovely pigs on the farm who's days are numbered! Soon
they'll be pork! You can get your paws on some if you'd like!

Might I suggest an emergency social on Thursday 28th Jan at a pub with
easy parking nearish to Putney*? That way you can place your orders
with me, come for a pint and leave with wonderful pig! What could be

Full details at this page:


Arguably my presence in London should be reason enough for an
emergency social, but my ego is easily dented so I thought it best to
add some extra incentive in case anyone started saying 'Edmund, who
he?' and it all fizzled out to nothing.


PS - note that there are four heads going. If you ever wanted to do a
very British variant of the horse's head in The Godfather this would
be an opportune moment. Didn't get that Christmas bonus? Let the boss
know how you feel!

* The Antelope off Sloane Square would be a super choice -

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