No more IP for you

Mark Overmeer mark at
Wed Jan 20 10:38:15 GMT 2010

* Luis Motta Campos (luismottacampos at [100120 10:14]:
> >>
> >> Now, the IP Allocation Market will start warming up... if you're sitting
> >> on some IP addresses for several years now, I see big business
> >> opportunities for you ahead.

Yes, become a trade represenatative for Chinese built big IPv6 routers.

> > So, there's still nearly half a billion addresses unallocated?
> > Do I /really/ need to worry /just/ yet?

It's like 90% disk-full: the more you get above it, the more degradation
you get.

592 days until Central Registry IPv4 address exhaustion
(but I think earlier, because there will be a rush in the last months)

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