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Mark Overmeer mark at
Wed Jan 20 15:05:30 GMT 2010

* Bruce Richardson (itsbruce at [100120 14:28]:
> ...
> It may seem that IPV6 has a huge range to give out, but that is only going to
> encourage people to produce solutions where every light switch and light
> bulb in the world...

Actually, that is the plan, yes.

  ... (and eventually every cell-maintaining nanobot in
> every human body) receives its own IPV6 address.  Once the conversion to
> IPV6 is passed, the new address space will be consumed at a much faster
> rate than the old one.

With 2^128 address > 1e38
having 1e10 people around, you still have 1e28 addresses per person. says 1e28 atoms in a
human body of 100kg.

That cannot be accidental ;-)

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