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Wed Jan 27 15:02:18 GMT 2010

Dominic Thoreau writes:

> 2010/1/27 Greg Sheard <g.m.sheard at>:
> > Metropolitan line to Uxbridge followed by a Heathrow-bound bus to
> > Stockley Park.
> That would be the A10

"A10" turns out to be a bad name to pick for a bus route, or indeed
anything else which is labelled with letters and digits (along the lines
of it being confusing to use both "O" and "0").

When discussing bus routes to the office, a colleague was puzzled by
mention of the "8N", since he'd never seen a bus with that number on it.
(Go on, _you_ try saying them differently ...)

> If anyone has a copy of the route data for all of London Transport

For some reason organizations that make money from buses, trains,
delivering mail, selling cinema tickets, or broadcasting TV programmes
seem most reluctant to make available the scheduling data -- as though
they don't want it to be as easy as possible for people to find out
about their services and give them money.

And despite most of these services having government franchises,
licences, or contracts, the government never seems to bother to
stipulate that the schedule data be given away.


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