Fun Friday afternoon topic: domain name disputes

Simon Wilcox essuu at
Fri Feb 5 15:58:25 GMT 2010

On 5/2/10 15:05, mirod wrote:

> I'll probably tell her to offer 500 pounds for it, and if they don't 
> sell at that price to just use a different domain.

Be careful with that approach. If you believe that they have no claim on 
the domain, offering money for it gives them a defence and weakens your 
claim for infringement.

Having been through this process myself, I think your best route since 
the registrant is based in the UK is:

1. Send a solicitors letter to the registrant claiming infringement and 
requesting transfer within 30 days.

2. If that doesn't work, you can either lodge a complaint with WIPO and 
wait, or give up and not worry about it.

If they make an offer, you can decide whether to accept it or not and 
that comes back to what it's worth to your friend.


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