T Shirts

Dave Cross dave at dave.org.uk
Sun Feb 21 16:37:14 GMT 2010

I've been trawling through dark corners of cupboards and I've found some 
london.pm and Perl Foundation shirts. These are all brand new shirts 
that I was going to sell at various conferences in the past.

I have the following:

Original london.pm t-shirts (from about 2000). I strongly suspect these 
are the last remaining unsold shirts from this batch:

1 x 2XL Tattoine.pm (brown)
1 x 2XL ZZ9PluralZAlpha.pm (black)
1 x 3XL Ankh-Morpork.pm (blue)

Perl Foundation grey polo shirts with "Perl" and the onion logo on the 
left breast:

1 x S, 1 x L, 3 x XL

I want a tenner each for them and any proceeds will be donated to TPF.

Let me know if yuu're interested and I'll bring them along to the next 
meeting. I'm only interested in handing over shirts for cash in person - 
so please make sure that you (or your representative) can be at the 
meeting with the money.



p.s. Found my original PIMB shirt too. Might auction that later this 
year. Watch this space.

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