General Election Weekend Fun!

Edmund von der Burg evdb at
Fri Mar 26 09:51:36 GMT 2010

It's Friday! Which mean that you have yet another long and dreary
weekend with no work. Dead time that must be filled. The endless
tedium of nothing to do....

But fear not! With an election only weeks away you could do something
GE related. If only there was a database of candidates and their
details that you could download and build something with.....

There is:

Grab the JSON and get busy!

Or if that sounds like too much hard work you can get small chunks of
json off most pages - look for the link in the footer. Think of all
the little javascript widget you could make for blogs!

And to top it all anyone who does this gets the prize of that warm
fuzzy feeling of living in a participatory democracy.


PS Who knows what you might unearth? - there is this chap for example:

Who will you vote for?

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