[ANNOUNCE] London Perl Mongers Technical Meeting 12th April 2010

Damian Conway damian at conway.org
Fri Mar 26 19:41:01 GMT 2010

[Various all-too-easily-copied archival format suggestions discarded]

Look, if we *really* want to preserve and protect this extremely
valuable intellectual property, I propose that we don't film it at all.
Instead, let us commission Piers to record and commemorate the great
event in the form of an epic ballad of several hundred stanzas in iambic
pentameter that can be passed down for all eternity as part of the rich
and confusing tapestry that is the oral history of London.pm, to be sung
only on occasions of particular solemnity and alcoholism.

Note that, apart from the obvious protections this highly analogue
medium will naturally confer, there is a second important side-benefit.
If a recording of "Whan Damian Eek Wt His Sweete Breeth, Inspired Hath
In Euery Ale And Taverne" *is* ever uploaded, the RIAA will instantly
leap into attack, sue the miscreant involved for thousands of times the
actual commercial value of the work, and immediately channel the
resulting millions directly back to Piers and myself (as the
originating artists).


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