[ANNOUNCE] London Perl Mongers Technical Meeting 12th April 2010

Piers Cawley pdcawley at bofh.org.uk
Fri Mar 26 20:18:48 GMT 2010

If you think I'm singing an introduction for you, you have another one
coming I'm afraid. I still can't quite believe I managed to sing pjf
in. Jocasta dared me to do it as I stood up.

On Friday, March 26, 2010, Damian Conway <damian at conway.org> wrote:
> [Various all-too-easily-copied archival format suggestions discarded]
> Look, if we *really* want to preserve and protect this extremely
> valuable intellectual property, I propose that we don't film it at all.
> Instead, let us commission Piers to record and commemorate the great
> event in the form of an epic ballad of several hundred stanzas in iambic
> pentameter that can be passed down for all eternity as part of the rich
> and confusing tapestry that is the oral history of London.pm, to be sung
> only on occasions of particular solemnity and alcoholism.
> Note that, apart from the obvious protections this highly analogue
> medium will naturally confer, there is a second important side-benefit.
> If a recording of "Whan Damian Eek Wt His Sweete Breeth, Inspired Hath
> In Euery Ale And Taverne" *is* ever uploaded, the RIAA will instantly
> leap into attack, sue the miscreant involved for thousands of times the
> actual commercial value of the work, and immediately channel the
> resulting millions directly back to Piers and myself (as the
> originating artists).
> Damian

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