Broadband (probably again...)

James Laver at
Fri Apr 2 12:18:28 BST 2010

On Fri, Apr 02, 2010 at 12:00:39PM +0100, Mike Whitaker wrote:
> Daytime bandwidth uses up more of their 'usage units' than evening, night or weekend.
> Having said that, it's pretty hard to use up the units on a BE line even at minimum tarriff.
> Useful info can be gleaned by asking around on #aaisp on irc,

Or just go directly through Be, who seemed quite good when I was using 
them (and cheaper than A&A, whose old tariff had me in absolute 
hysterics the first time I read it).

I would formerly have recommended WebTapestry except that after their 
recent spate of continual cockup, they've shown themselves to be not 
only incompetent but also cocks.

Be gets my vote.


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