[OT] Testing a web application

Dominic Thoreau dominic at thoreau-online.net
Thu Apr 8 17:12:16 BST 2010

On 8 April 2010 16:55, Andrew Black <andrew-perl08 at mail.black1.org.uk> wrote:
> A colleague has asked me for pointers to how to test a web application.
> I haven given much thought to hwat is involved but pointers to
> appropriate harnesses would be useful.
> It is written in JSP/ Java using a homebrew framework (don't ask). It
> has some Javascript but I would regard it as dynamic AJAXy stuff.

I did toy once with writing something complicated for $poe involving a
large collection of URLs and regexps, but work had other priorities
and I didn't have the spare time.

Bear in mind too, that if some things are client-side, then you'll
(probably, correct me if I'm wrong) have to run the things in an
actual browser to confirm that work. Yes, I know, libraries and
frameworks like jQuery and Dojo promise an end to cross-browser
issues, but checking is still good (

Web App testing at $poe unfortunately relies upon un-upgraded Mark 1
eyeballs (operating somewhat in parallel)
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