Lovefilm, yes or no?

Jacqui Caren-home jacqui.caren at
Fri Apr 16 18:17:43 BST 2010

Smylers wrote:
> Seems a little harsh to reject people for that.

Some people forget an interview goes two ways - they "measure" you and vice versa.

I remember having an interview in the south of france for a MPP provider and
after a lot of "trick" questions and technical/business glitz I asked...
"Given market conditions, what do you consider is your competitive advantage?"
I never did get an answer and ended up paying my own travel costs :-(

> Though on t'other hand I can't remember ever having needed to know _any_
> digits of pi for work purposes, so perhaps it's fair ...

When I worked at Cray we had a Y-MP (M90) available for dev work.
Just after one of the big customers had used spare cycles to calc the biggest
prime number yet calc'ed - BTD and a couple of sysadmins then left the M90
running overnight (a six hour block) to generate the next TWO numbers!
I had a copy of the printouts (132 column fanfold in a box) for a good few years.

I also remember anotehr co-worked at Cray having the phone system tweaked so that
he could dial out on a vast range of unused numbers. This was when captial radio
would only accept competition caller whose number ended in certain digits. Having
a 4 digit MSN block was seriously handy for that compo!


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