Solid state drives

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Joel Bernstein <joel at> writes:

> 2010/4/19 Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker <ilmari at>:
>> Joel Bernstein <joel at> writes:
>>> On 19 April 2010 16:00, Chris Jack <chris_jack at> wrote:
>>>> aka it's rated for 20Gb of writes for a minimum of 5 years
>>> You may have a transcription error in units there. Did you mean
>>> 20Gb/<duration>? If so, how long?
>> Quoting from the data sheet[1]:
>> | 3.5.4 Minimum Useful Life
>> |      The drive will have a minimum of 5 years of useful life under
>> |      typical client workloads with up to 20 GB of host writes per day.
>> [1]:
> Sorry, I do realise I could've searched the data sheet for the info,
> but I did a "TL;DR" at it and fired off an email rather than helping
> myself to the info. Thanks.

Well, the OP did provide the chapter and verse, but not a direct link to
the data sheet (but he did indirectly tell where to find it (which is
two clicks from the page he linked to)).

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