Solid state drives

Mike Woods mike at
Wed Apr 21 11:21:46 BST 2010

Quoting "Simon Wilcox" <essuu at>:

> I had a 5 minute power cut in SE26 two weeks ago and a cut lasting  
> about an hour in EC1 10 days ago.

I know from experience that some of the EC1 area has flaky power,  
though i'm told it's improving (I don't work around there any more)

> This is very true. I stopped using a cheap UPS at home for exactly  
> this reason. Test it regularly or it's not worth it.

I was thinking that just before mine died and became a very expensive  
and heavy ganger.

> Data backups have the same problem, test 'em regularly or they may  
> not work when you need 'em most :-)

Even more important if you happen to use disk based backup!

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