Cheap places in central London?

Victoria Conlan vicky at
Tue May 4 00:31:59 BST 2010

> Now that the formalities are out of the way, my apologies for a completely off-topic email.  I've some friends from the US who are struggling to find affordable accommodation in central London for my upcoming June wedding. Any suggestions?

If they're after the basics, look at travelodge.  They have a fair few to
choose from in central London, and the price is per room, so when it comes
down to a price per person, it tends to come out quite cheaply.
(if you've never used a travelodge or similar cheap hotel chain before, they
  are very 'no frills', but they tend to be clean and comfortable and
Shame it's as soon as June, as their autumn sale is now on.  June may be
more touristy, especially if it's half term (first week June, iirc), so
there may be fewer places to choose from.

Plus it's even cheaper if you go through a site such as TopCashback (please
see for a referal link if you are that way inclined, etc) - I
think travelodge give back something like 10%, which isn't to be sneezed at.
(although watch out for late rooms - I booked a room for my brother and his
  gf and her daughter, it was listed as a 'family room', but it turned out to
  be a double bed which was smaller than theirs at home, and the 3 of them
  were meant to share it!)

Oh, and ... "congratulations".  :-)

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