Cheap places in central London?

Smylers Smylers at
Tue May 4 17:16:48 BST 2010

Ovid writes:

> I've some friends from the US who are struggling to find affordable
> accommodation in central London for my upcoming June wedding. Any
> suggestions?

The YHA place next to St Paul's Cathedral:

I was really surprised by how good it is when I stayed there a few
months ago (somebody else picked the accommodation), as well as being
low-cost. In particular it corrected several of my misconceptions about
youth hostels:

* You don't have to share a big dorm with people you've never met; there
  are rooms available for small groups to have exclusive use of.

* They have duvets! All bedding is provided.

* You don't have to join the association to be allowed to stay there
  (though members stay for £3 / night less).

The entire place was clean and modern, and far nicer than any budget
hotel I've stayed in in central London. I enthusiastically recommend it
to anybody.


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