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> Sorry, forgot to mention: you must have a file called  something 
> like
.www_blogger in you home directory, containing login credentials. 
> See
perldoc for WWW::Blogger::XML for details.

Actually, WWW::Blogger::XML doesn't say anything about this. Rather hostile documentation.

The file's called '.www_blogger_rc' and must be in the AppConfig::Std format like so:

    username = $username
    password = $password

There's also no option to supply this data programatically. Either you have that file or you're sunk.

That's not the real problem, though.  I would venture that the dependency on Net::Google::GData is where most people are going to get stuck.  It's available at, but the author's deleted it from the CPAN.  That was *real* fun.  I'll email him to see what's going on.

And it fails its own tests. Lovely.

After much fighting, I've finally gotten it to authenticate and I'm now at the "400 Bad Request" stage which, all things considered, is much further than I've gotten.

I'll post to my blog when I get a more generic solution.
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